What Is A Summary Offence? (Victoria)

The Victorian legal system categorizes criminal offences into two: summary and indictable offences. Summary offences are minor offences with light penalties handled at the magistrate level. If you’ve been charged with a summary offence, it’s essential to understand the crucial details. If you’ve been charged with a summary offence, then a criminal defence lawyer can

How To Contest A Speeding Fine In Victoria

Receiving a ticket for speeding is unpleasant, so learn how to contest a speeding fine if you have received one. A fine may be reviewed and dismissed in some situations, sparing you from having to pay it. You can choose to go to court or ask for a review of your case. You can obtain

Is It Illegal To Eat Or Drink While Driving In Victoria?

It is not illegal to eat or drink while driving in Victoria as long as what you’re eating or drinking is easy to consume, doesn’t create any significant distractions, and isn’t alcoholic. Obviously, driving in a way that’s safe for you and the motorists and pedestrians around you has to be the main priority, but

What Is The Legal Limit For Driving Under The Influence In Victoria?

What Is The Legal Limit For Driving Under The Influence In Victoria?

The law sets a clear blood alcohol concentration(BAC) limit for drivers in Victoria. Individuals found guilty of exceeding this limit risk heavy fines, having their licences revoked, or compulsory behaviour change programs, among other legal consequences. The legal limit for driving under the influence in Victoria is a BAC of 0.05. This limit provides a

What Is The Difference Between Culpable Driving And Dangerous Driving?

In Victoria, both culpable driving and dangerous driving are serious offences with potentially very serious consequences. Culpable driving is committed when a person drives dangerously, recklessly, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol resulting in another person’s death. On the other hand, dangerous driving encompasses a broader range of dangerous driving behaviours that cause