Intervention Orders Lawyers Melbourne

Josh Smith Legal are highly experienced in the area of intervention order law.

We have represented clients throughout Melbourne and Victoria for all different types of intervention order matters, including representing clients who are applying for an Intervention Order themselves, clients who are disputing an Intervention Order against them, clients wishing to vary and negotiate an intervention Order and various other situations.

Intervention Orders are often referred to as IVOs or AVOs.

What are Intervention Orders?

Intervention Orders are court orders designed to protect peoples’ safety.

There are 2 types of Intervention Orders, namely:

  1. Family Violence Intervention Orders – these are orders which are imposed in cases involving domestic or family violence, such as between husband & wife.
  2. Personal Safety Intervention orders – orders which are imposed in cases outside of domestic or family settings.

Both Interim IVOs and Final IVOs can have conditions which prohibit certain behaviour, such as prohibiting the Respondent (ie, the person who the order is against) from coming within 5 meters of the Protected Person’s home or workplace.

IVOs are civil law orders, not criminal law orders. However, it is a criminal offence to breach an IVO condition, regardless of whether the IVO is an Interim IVO or a Final IVO.

IVO breaches:

IVO breaches are treated as serious criminal offences by Police and Courts in Victoria.

The maximum penalty for a single breach of an IVO condition is 2 years jail or a substantial fine, or both.

The maximum penalty for persistently breaching a Family IVO is 5 years imprisonment or a substantial fine, or both.

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