Weapons Offence Lawyers Melbourne

Josh Smith Legal has extensive experience in all types of weapons offences and charges. Weapons charges can be extremely serious and can result in jail or other severe penalties, and so it is absolutely essential that you get strong and knowledgeable legal advice from lawyers who know all about this area of law.

What are weapons offences?

There are lots of different types of weapons offences, ranging from possessing weapons which you are not legally authorised to such as a firearm without holding a firearms license; and trafficking of weapons.

A weapon can also come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Obvious examples of weapons are guns, knives, swords, tasers and so on. However, a weapon can also include an imitation firearm, ammunition and other objects that have been adapted to be weapons, such as a makeshift spear or bow & arrow.

It can also be an offence to manufacture or create weapons, as well as trafficking and selling weapons for financial gain.