I Think I’m Being Stalked, Do I Need An Intervention Orders Lawyer?

Everyone is entitled to feel safe in their daily lives, whether at work or at home. We’ve all heard of stalkers, but what does it mean legally, and what can you do about it? If you or a family member is stalked, contact an intervention orders lawyer immediately for help.

What is Stalking Exactly?

You are being stalked if someone is repeatedly acting in a way that causes you:

  • to worry about your safety
  • physical or emotional harm

Usually, people are stalked by someone they already know. Stalkers will typically watch you, come up to you, follow you, or hang out outside your home or place of work. They could also:

  • damage your property
  • spread gossip about you
  • Reach out to your family or friends
  • Make false legal claims against you.

Any or all of the above behaviors are scary and unsettling. You’ll want to contact Melbourne's most expert intervention lawyer.

Is Someone Stalking You Online? Call the Most Expert Intervention Lawyer Melbourne Has

People can stalk others on the Internet, on smartphones, and social media. On social media, they can post pictures, videos, and comments meant to embarrass and make you uncomfortable. They can also:

  • Pretend to be you online
  • Try to interfere with the workings of your computer
  • Follow your behavior online.

Who Issues a Personal Safety Intervention Order (PSIO) 

If you feel like you are being stalked, you can apply for a personal safety intervention order (PSIO). This court order issued by a magistrate directs the stalker to leave you alone and not try to contact you in any way.

A PSIO is used when the person you are seeking protection from is not a member of your family.  For protection from a family member, you would ask for a family violence intervention order. An intervention orders lawyer can help you with those as well.

If the stalker does not respect the parameters of the order, they can be charged with a criminal offence.

An Intervention Orders Lawyer Will Help You with Your PSIO

Before applying for a PSIO, you need to know the name and address of the person stalking you. Without that information, the court can’t issue the intervention order.

You don’t need witnesses to the stalking behavior. But if you have damning texts, emails, or photos from the alleged stalker, bring them to the magistrate.

If you need protection immediately, call the police. They might suggest you apply for a PSIO or may even apply for one on your behalf.


You are entitled to feel safe at your home, your office, on your devices, and going about your daily life. If you feel like you need protection, contact us for help. Each intervention orders lawyer in our firm could be considered the most expert intervention lawyer Melbourne boasts.

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