How To Avoid A Criminal Record in Victoria

A criminal record shows prior convictions to those who might request it. It could have implications related to housing, employment, and some access to services. The police in Victoria have a more extensive criminal record available to them that shows not only convictions but also charges. Because having a criminal record can have negative implications,

Can The Police Enter Your House Without Permission In Victoria?

In general, the police cannot enter a home in Victoria without permission, a warrant, or in situations where safety is at issue. While it may feel like you need to provide the police with permission to enter your home if they ask, that is actually not the case. You can say no if police ask

How Long Does a Criminal Record Last in Victoria?

Your criminal record shows prior criminal convictions from any jurisdiction. However, many criminal convictions do not stay on your criminal record forever. Instead, depending on the type of crime, a crime could be “spent” or removed from a criminal record virtually immediately. Convictions do not expire, but they can become spent under certain circumstances. In

What Is A Criminal Lawyer And What Do They Do? (Australia)

If you’re interested in the justice system then you may wonder, what exactly is a Criminal Lawyer and what do they do? In short, a criminal lawyer is a type of lawyer who: Provides legal assistance to people who have been accused of a crime Provides legal assistance to victims of crime. The types of